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(Fated Dragon Daddies Book 1)


Pepper brings you a new paranormal romance series, Fated Dragon Daddies! Drake introduces this enticing new world of shifters and their fated loves.

When a gold flash in deep blue eyes captures Aurora's attention, she can't deny the instantaneous bond connecting her to the man who can shift into a massive, ancient beast. Nor can she resist calling him Daddy when he fulfills her secret dreams. 

Drake watched the mountains around Wyvern erupt from the ground. With his fellow dragons, he has guarded all who settled there from harm, waiting for the one who is meant to be his. The one only he can pleasure and protect. The woman they call Aurora. 

Now change is coming to Wyvern. A centuries-old pact between the founders and their powerful allies could save the inhabitants of the city once again, but only a dragon Daddy can truly guard his mate from harm.

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Blue Raspberry

(Little Cakes Book 3)


Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker!

Lark Adams is a successful real estate agent who’s ready to outsell everyone. While preparing a property for an open house late one night, she realizes how dangerous her job can be.

Police officer Wyatt Hazelton is dedicated to equipping women with self-defense skills. When the tantalizing woman he suspects is his Little gets in a spot of trouble, he’s hell bent on showing her how to protect herself. He has a vigilant Daddy eye on her.

Little Cakes is sweet and satisfying series, but dare to taste only if you like delicious Daddies, luscious Littles, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

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(Danger Bluff Book 3)


A mysterious billionaire saved my life.
Now, I owe him.
My team’s job: Save Zara from lurking threats.
My goal: Convince her she’s mine.

I’ve tried to avoid attention all my life.
But there’s bad guys everywhere.
Danger Bluff should be a safe place to hide...
If only that devastating pilot didn’t ooze Daddy vibes.

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Guarding Gabby

(A SANCTUM Novel Book 11)


Could starring in this very special role endanger her life?

Gabriela Morales knows this is her big chance. Playing a Little girl in a sizzling movie production could be her ticket to making it in the industry. Before she can reach stardom, Gabriela must deal with two looming problems: a frightening threat and her enticing new bodyguard.

When his employees are unavailable, Kole Jeffers steps in to protect a vulnerable actress himself. That's when the owner of Guards, Inc. discovers this client is the most important of his career. Gabby is the special woman this Daddy has been searching for years to find, and he'll risk everything to keep her safe.

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(Shadowridge Guardians MC)


“Buttercup, try that one more time and see what happens…”

Elizabeth Sinclair has just escaped from a lackluster marriage and isn’t about to try that again. She’s ready to spread her wings and find the one she really needs in her life–a Daddy with all the moves to make her heart skip beats. She’s sure she must be dying when her heart rate skyrockets upon meeting a tattooed, young motorcycle club troublemaker.


Talon Deveraux enjoys flirting with pretty women. When a petite blonde makes him take a second and third look, he pays attention. He has no doubt she’s his when Elizabeth puts him firmly in his place. 

Changing her mind and spicing up her life to make sure she’ll never get bored becomes his goal

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